Fishing Reports

fishing Report 1/3/14 to 16/3/14

March has seen a marked improvement in the weather conditions and it follows that more anglers have ventured out and about, the fly fishing has had varying levels of sucsess from great to to very slow as the fish seem to be lying deep due to the continuing cold water conditions therefor the bait fishing has been great with most fish being tempted to maggot or wasp grub but the worm has had its moments, most sucsess being had over in the pinetrees, best fles Ace of Spades, F Up, and HH Olive Damnsel

61 fish taken over the last two weeks mainly at the weekends.


April report

The weather conditions have improved immensely during April but still rather cold most of the time , the fishing has been great with a lot of fish being caught on the fly using CDC, orange fritz variations and olive variations, diawal bachs, crunchers and buzzers on warmer days, lures of the month go to the F. up or tweezie and hot head damsel with the ace of spades and kate mclaren being the best of the wets, bait fishing has been great and worm being the best bait this Month with maggot ,power bait and grubs still catching, the Easter weekend was extremely due to the weather being kind to us, hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to a busy summer with good mild weather to tempt everyone to pick up their Rods and Tackle, Tight lines everyone.

fishing report for July 2014

The extremely hot weather through this month has made fishing very hard at times with the fish heading deep for cooler conditions and oxygene,the best fishing was late evening with fish moving about for a couple of hours and then disappearing again,once the weather cooled down the fish were moving but still hard to hook, feeding sub surface on fry and nymphs.the dam was topped up with aprox 203 fish in July and only 127 comming out so still a big head of fish swimming around out there,best bait was worm and power bait with the best flies being gold head phesant tail nymph,hairs ear gold head, damsels,daddy,black hoppers and spiders,tight lines everyone no matter where you fish.

November 1st competition 2014

comp winners 1st nov 2014The weather on the day was ideal fishing although it got a bit cold in the afternoon,fishing got of to a cracking start in the morning with fish being caught at almost every peg,the feeding frenzy lasted about 2 hrs and becoming very quiet inthe afternoon session,the hot dogs and home made soup went down a treat.

There were 140 lbs of fish caught 58 in total with 29 pegs, 1st was Andy Gourley with 3 fish for 11lbs 2oz and one of which was 6lbs 2oz, 2nd was Joe Mcfadzean with 2 fish for 9lbs 4oz one of which was 7lbs 4oz and 3rd was Scott Brown with 4 fish for 9lbs 3oz.

1st prize was £150

2nd prize half day ticket,bottle of vodka and mixed tackle.

3rd prize was half day and hard wood hand turned fish priest

thanks to all for their support and look forward to seeing you all in between competitions


December competition and report

December turned out to be a really quiet month due to bad weather conditions and the onset of christmas, we had a  competition on the 7th which was really well attended with 27 rods on the water,the first prize of £150 went to a bag of only two fish with a total weight of 11lbs three oz one of which was 8lbs three oz.

60 fish in total taken with 15 released on fly fishing.

Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous New Year.

January 2015 report

January was not a very pleasant month for fishing, with high winds, driving rain and storms coupled with snow and freezing conditions, therefor affecting attendance.

35 fish were taken mostly on bait fishing and ten returned on fly catch and release,best live bait was grubs and black power bait did well,the water was topped up with 60 rainbow of varying weight.

Best flies were damsels,spiders, orange nomad and black/green fritz.

February report 2015
Dan Rodgers with7lb 2 oz rainbow part of his winning haul in Feb Comp

February was a quieter month weather wise but freezing conditions prevailed,the Feb Comp was well attended with 30 rods competing in freezing conditions,ice was still being moved about to clear fishing areas,only 11 fish were caught with two of them above 7lbs.

100 fish of varying weight were introduced with 84 of them being caught and kept over the month,best bait was black power bait mixed with live bait and best flies were black and green lures.

March 2015 Report

Firstly the competition on Sunday 8th was very well attended once again,the fishing was slow with 31 fish landed at around the 70lbs mark, no big fish came out on the day,the total of fish taken this month was131 at around 320lbs,with 170 fish going in,the weather being so changeable is affecting how the fish behave and of coarse when many anglers venture out.We also had a private club booking on Saturday 28th March and these guys suffered, wind, sleat and rain to land 25 fish,the fly fishing has picked up on the last couple of days of the month with fish coming for olive hh damsels,cats whiskers,pheasant tails,F, ups and green eyed monsters, fished just below the surface.

Fishing Report for May and June

The weather for may and June was very changeable with winds,rain and low to high temps playing havoc with fishing conditions making the fishing dificult at times with the fish feeding deep ,therefor bait fishing on the bottom with worm was the most productive and intermediate to sinking lines with lures or nymph patterns the best for fly fishing.Not alot of fish were taken from the top of the water, although nearer the tail of the month of June fish were feeding higher up and closer to the edges. 490 fish were taken over the two months alot of them being hard fighting blue trout with a spattering of tiger trout.

We have introduced a few tagged fish to the water this month so if anyone catches one on a kill ticket please take it when you weigh in to get a shot at the lucky dip for some prizes which include fishing tackle,vouchers or cash.

Tight lines and good luck to you all in July


July 2015 report
Over the month of July we put 240 fish in and 210 came out,some of the best catches were,Davie Rose 3 for 8lbs 8 oz,the Roberts party 6 for 16 lbs J Ballingall 3 for 6lbs 8oz, A Speirs 4 for 7lbs 4oz, S Coulter 4 for 8lbs, I Fleming 3 for 7lbs 2oz, D Underwood, 3 for 8lbs 4oz, J McKelvie 2 for 4lbs 3oz, J Reid 2 for 4lbs 5oz, Mr Welsh 3 for 6lbs 5oz, Mr Gray 4 for 8lbs 5oz, Mr McIlvoy 2 for 4lbs 8oz and John and Colin Officer 5 for around 11lbs, The best flies were the Hot Head olive damnsel, squiggly legged lures, olive fritz, black fritz nomads,Hares ear gold bead,and lime green cat bugs, the fish have been very active on the surface recently feeding on an abundance of variouse flies and bugs,hope for some decent weather through August to improve catches. Hoping tpo have a bait only competition at the end of August for more info contact the fishery on 01505 872222.
October 2015 report

There were 294 fish  fish taken and 269 fish stocked over this month, a huge rise in fish activity as the low air pressure and cooler weather came in,top of the water activity also picked up and the fly fishing had great results.Best flies were wooly buggers ,dancers and damsels.

Fishing Competition 28th November 2015

The  competition was very well attended considering the conditions as it was very cold ,windy, and wet, 32 fish were landed with 24 rods on the water The first prize of £150 went to Kelly Ann Mullen with 4 fish weighing 12lbs 8oz ,second was Chris O’Conner with 4 fish weighing 11lbs 6oz for £50 and third place for £25 went to Kev Mullen with 4 fish for 11lbs 2oz,everyone was glad it was over as a bitter wind was blowing,we run a tagged fish prize  for a sweep at £2 per entrant and it came to £42 which we made up to £50 but it wasn’t caught so the draw went John Officer from Renfrew

thanks to all helpers and anglers for making the day.

November 2015 fish report

The weather conditions were pretty poor again this month which affects the angling numbers,we put 150 fish in this month with 128 being taken,we had a bait comp at the end of the month and a disabled toilet was added to the amenities,most of the fishing was by bait but a few on fly fishing did well G.Lyon had a great day fishing releasing 8,fishing sink line with olive hh lures.

Octo0ber 2016

As the reports havn’t been updated for a while we will keep this one simple from July until now 1000 fish have been introduced to the fishery and 900 have been taken so the fishing has been steady through out a difficult summer weather wise,a wide variety of fish have been stocked including browns upto two pounds, tigers from two pounds upto five pounds and stunning blues upto double figures,the stocking of fish takes place on a daily to weekly basis insuring a good head of fish at all times in the little loch.there will be some bait competitions through out the winter and they are open to all commers so get in early and contact the fishery for more information and bookings,tight lines to you all.

A fishing competition will be held on Saturday the 4th of February,this can be veiwed on th events page but the fishery will be closed for the duration of the competition.

August 2017 Competition

The fishing today was very slow and not a lot of fish came out,although the stocking is at a very high level,we continue to stock the fishery on a daily basis and as and when require,The three winners were First,Bill Dunlop with 4 fish for 11lbs,Second was Tam Drummond with 3 fish for 10lbs 2oz and Third was Dan Crosbie with two fish for just over 5lbs.As always it was a great day with great guys,Colin Officer from Renfrew won the tagged fish sweep of £60.first prize was £150, second was £50 and third was £25.



so just update a little ,the fishing through the year has been extremely good and although the really hot weather was difficult we did not seem to be to badly affected by it as the stocking of the water did not stop and we have stocked more fish this year than any other in the last 8 years ,the head of fish is high at the moment and the renewal of the containment nets seem to have done the trick.

The recent competition on November the 4th  had 16 rods and 25 fish were landed,the weather was not kind with heavy rain and winds battering down on ocassion, the winning bags were both over the 11 pounds mark and Mikey Hill won 100 pounds on his first ever competition with Jamie Mairs winning second place for 50 pounds,Mikey was also one of the winners of the first fish landed on the morning session and Davie Mathieson won for landing the second fish on afternoon session ,he also won the tagged fish prize.

The recent stocking of 5 to 6 Pound fish from Invicta trout farm in Callander has livened things up a bit with a few fish being lost they are so powerful,

As the winter takes grip we are finding the place getting quieter but stocking hasn’t stopped and keep an eye out for more competitions through out the year ,we post alot of info on Facebook so why not look us up .

May 2019

The weather through May has been great so far and the fishing has been tremendouse due to the heavy stocking of rainbows, blues and tiger trout on a weekly basis and a daily top up when required ,the head of fish in the loch is at an all time high at the moment and the catch figures reflect this.

The main flies or lures this month so far seem to be olive damsels with varying colured beads,yellow dancers,wooly buggers and suspended buzzers.

Floating and intermediate line both having results.

Bait fishing with Float and ledgering are the same both having  varying results.

We will post some figures at the end of this month.